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The tech department has recently welcomed two new TWE students. Baylee Sweitzer and Andrew Frankowski are both freshmen at Springfield High School.
Posted by helpdesk  On Oct 28, 2015 at 11:45 AM 33 Comments
The technology department was hard at work this summer making changes to benefit students and staff. First, you may have noticed we now have new computers in all of the labs in the district. We're glad to have modern, stable and secure computers available for students to use. While there may be a slight learning curve involved in the change of operating system, these new computers are much more functional. Replacing those labs has allowed us to recycle all of the Puppy Linux browser-only computers. Due to their advanced age (13!) we weren't able to make any useful updates to them, so we made the decision to replace them using the computers we removed from the labs. In turn, those computers were stripped down and updated to a newer and more secure operating system. Previously, these machines had dozens of programs that either weren't being used, or were causing more problems on their own. It was a difficult choice to make, but starting over from scratch with these computers will be more beneficial in the long run. Other upgrades we made this summer include: - Wiring changes (most classrooms at the high school no longer need to plug all of the computers into a switch to get internet connection) - Recycling several tons of old equipment - A new website
Posted by helpdesk  On Sep 11, 2015 at 8:43 AM